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Destroyer of mosquito larvae "Biolarvicide -100"is a product of new generation for the purification of natural areas from mosquito larvae. "Biolarvicide -100"is a biological insecticidal preparation with a fundamentally new method of mosquitoes and bloodsucking midges. The means to destroy mosquito larvae "Biolarvicide -100" implemented an entirely new approach to solving this problem. "Biolarvicide -100"has a high efficiency for the destruction of more than 80 species of mosquito larvae, including mosquitoes, gnats rice, of chironomid midges and other.

Where it is recommended to use a tool to kill mosquito larvae "Biolarvicide-100":

  • natural areas

  • ponds,

  • the basements of buildings,

  • different breeding (small pools, ponds in the yard, barrels of water, etc.)

In other words,"Biolarvicide-100"is designed for cleansing areas that are a breeding ground for mosquitoes. The drug has toxic effects, which are selectively directed only to mosquito larvae, but completely safe for all warm-blooded creatures: people and animals. In addition, after processing the "Biolarvicides" water bodies or terrestrial areas of the active substance is relatively quickly inactivated. The name of this drug tells us about his biological method of influence on the larvae. Ie tool contains no chemicals so is harmless to flora and fauna. Thus, using this shredder larvae of mosquitoes, You get rid of insects and do not harm neither the soil nor the water. As shown by numerous experiments and testing of this product in different types of terrain (water/soil), the drug begins to act immediately, and the required result is observed after a period of from 2 hours to 1 day. After treatment with Biolarvicides reduced the number of mosquito larvae by 99% For a more effective fight against mosquitoes and others. blood-sucking insects it is recommended to use the "Biolarvicide" paired with mosquitoes. So you act in two directions: clean the area from larvae and from adults.

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