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ДЫМОГЕНЕРАТОРЫвысококачественного clean smoke for all of Smoking chambers and installations, cold, hot smoked and versatile for any products.

Smoke generators DGL - designed for (smoke generation) high-quality,clean, smooth and stable coptologia for any high quality Smoking chambers and equipment designed and manufactured in NPK newimagename "LOIS".

Sasireka range of smoke generators DGL - stable and nalina provides the main parameters of smoke generation:

    receiving environmentally friendly smoke with no harmful primesei inclusions;

    getting physically clean smoke without inclusions sayi residues of unburned siraginile;

    stable and even getting smoke in a strictly specified (managed) volume - excluded decay or combustion of raw materials of smoke generation;

    clear asked office receiving neobhodimom quantity (volume of plotnosti) smoke 0 houses the technological capabilities of each model;

    automatic stable dymogeneration without operator intervention until the next refilling of the raw material from 8 to 24 hours, depending on omodele and mode of operation;

    stabilisateur received coptologia, 3 – 5.0 more than the ambient temperature; If necessary, dopolniteljnie smoke generator (helicoptering camera) "water" refrigerator, smoke or the other, will ensure the cooling of the smoke before 18 – 20.0 C below (on order).

    minimum requirements for smoke generation, and in some models can operate smoke generators are typically stand-alone mode without external email. supply;

Structurally NPK "LOIS" produces the smoke generator DGL - different types: a)sawdust on the heating elements; b) sawdust without; C) smoldering sticks – 1 type; d) fire – 2 type; d) brosidase; e) friction.

In addition, smoke generators DGL - divided on the performance of smoke (smoke generation capacity), depending on the volume served of the Smoking chamber: 1) from 250 to 1000 liters(1 cubic meter); 2) from 2.0 to 4.0 cubic meters; 3) from 6.0 to 9.0 cubic meters; 4) from 10.0 to 14.0 cubic meters; 5) from 15,0 to 29.0 cubic meters ; 6) from 30 to 60 cubic meters, etc.

Sedimentary is designed to connect to the aerodynamics (ventilation) system optiliner. Smoke generators of group 1 (from 250 to 1000 litres (cubic meters 1,0)) have special electronic control intensivreiniger bars of wood,which is closely related to osalemistasu camera, potamousis (smoke generators) only the bundle with the remote control (energopotok) of the entire Smoking chamber.The remaining independent privlekatelnosti of smoke generation, podklyuchaem General electric. smoke system camera.096-812-33-72,063-720-92-39

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